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Our 360 Tours are just what you've been looking for!
We offer one of the most interactive & engaging 360 Tours on the market today!
  • Live Chat

  • Lead Capture / Custom Forms

  • Live guided virtual tours with ZOOM.

  • Custom Branding

  • Email send, within the tour.

  • Call to custom number, within the tour.

  • HD video & photos, within the tour.

  • Embedded e-commerce (Shopify, Ebay, Etsy & more).

  • Geo-Tag / Google Map Integration.

  • Advanced Traffic & Click Reporting.

  • Interactive hotspots throughout the tour.

  • WCAG & ADA Compliant Viewer.

  • Share via URL, Social Media, Instant Messaging, QR Code, and more.

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1 Minute Teaser Videos Are HOT Marketing Tools!
From the comfort of Your Home Office!

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About Us

Elite Property Vidz = Results

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words"... We say "A great video is worth faster sales and money in your pocket!"  


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Why Video?...  Why us?

Return on Investment​

Making your own video is like changing your own oil. It sounds like an easy money saver, until you get into it and realize just how complicated and time consuming it really is. Making a quality video takes several hours from start to finish, counting travel and shooting time, as well as editing and uploading.  It makes far more sense to spend the time doing what you do best... selling!


That "Wow" Factor

It’s fairly easy to capture video footage, but it’s much harder to create those smooth shots, edit the footage, and incorporate music or a voice-over.  A pro can create an immersive, video experience that keeps buyers engaged and focused on the home from start to finish.  Hire a pro and you’re more likely to impress buyers, sell the property more quickly and possibly receive a higher offer.


There is a very noticeable difference between professional and amateur video. As a result, professionally produced videos tend to get more attention and make a more favorable impression.  That means professionally produced listing videos help you compete, from any perspective. If you are the first in your market to use them... congratulations! You just set the bar for everyone else. If other agents in your market are already using professional videos, then you need to do the same to stay competitive.  Making your own videos will certainly save you money in the short term... But the cost in time, opportunity and selling power makes hiring a pro a better value.