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About Us


We will take your real estate marketing to the next level...

My name is Loren Gingerich, I have been working in the photography & videography industry for over 30+ years.  There are a lot of cookie cutter companies out there that believe that one size fits all.  I am here to offer you that personal touch!  I want to be your "go to" person that will get the job done and completed to your satisfaction. I take great pride in my work!

Every property has it's own unique story to tell...  I am here to recreate that story into videos & photos, to give your potential buyer that feeling of comfort and realism.  Giving them the opportunity to envision themselves in that property, whether it be residential or commercial.  


Photos are photos... They are the main focus point when selling any property.  But cinematic video creates an ambiance and realism that is unsurpassed.  A professional video cannot be matched by photos or someone with a phone.