We offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee.  We are so confident in our work, that if you are not 100% satisfied in your final product, we will give you a full refund.  Order with confidence!

*Elite Property Vidz also offers "Members Only" pricing for those of you that would like to utilize our services more often.  The membership fee pays for itself within a couple videos. It may be the right option for you.

Elite Property Vidz has several services to fit your marketing needs.  If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us for custom work.  We are always looking for new and innovative ways to help you increase your marketing efforts.  Here are some statistics for you to ponder whether you should step up your marketing game with professionally produced video...

  • 89% of home shoppers use the internet to find a real estate agent.

  • 92% of people use the internet in their home search.

  • 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent that uses video as part of their marketing.

  • Only 14% of agents create video listing... Giving you a huge potential to stand out!

  • Property listed with video get 4 times the inquiries, than property listed without video.

  • Youtube is the top video research destination for property hunters and has 51% audience share.

  • Over 80% of internet surfers can recall a video they've watched in the past week.

  • Real estate searches on Google have increased over 250% in the past four years.

  • A website with a Youtube video embedded on it, is 50 times more likely to be on the first page search of Google.  (Google owns Youtube)

  • Videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined.

  • The average website visit to a site without video is approximately 50 seconds...  That time dramatically increases to over 5 minutes, on a site with video content.

  • Agents who have done 6 video per month, say that their business was up over 50% from the previous year.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Will increase brand awareness and trust.

  • Generate listing leads.

  • Give you instant online exposure to your target market and beyond.

  • Will sell property quicker.

  • Will drastically improve your SEO on Google searches.

  • Will set you apart from your competition.


Our expertise in video editing and production pulls it all together, generating a cinematic film of your property.  Our videos recreate the warmth and ambiance of your property, allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves at the property and making it their own.

*Travel Fees: Elite Property Vidz is based in Washington, Iowa.  There will be no travel fees within 70 miles of Washington, Iowa.  Any properties outside of 70 miles, will be charged at $1/per mile (one-way).


Video Production

All of our video production services will include a fully branded video and an unbranded video for the MLS.  All videos also include custom graphics for listing agent & property information.  Call Out Graphics are a great way to enhance certain features of any listing and can be added to any video. *It is the agents responsibility to give us a list of "call out graphics" they would like shown in the video, prior to production.


Our videos are produced to the highest of standard, in full 1080p HD.  When 4k becomes the norm, we are fully capable of production in 4K.  But for now, that is completely unnecessary.     

Product/Service                                                                  ________________________________   Pricing__

Full Cinematic Walk-Through                                                     $350.00

2 Minute Walk-Through                                                               $225.00

1 Minute Teaser                                                                            $150.00 





Add Custom "Call Out Graphics" (to any video)                            $25.00                     


360 VIRTUAL PROPERTY TOUR (Realtors Only Price)                   $200.00






  • Price is for up to a 3,000 sq. ft. property.  Above 3,000 sq. ft - contact us for price.

  • Includes custom graphics for listing agent & property info.

  • Includes 1 branded video & 1 unbranded video.

  • Up to 5 minutes in length.

  • Price is for up to a 3,000 sq. ft. property.  Above 3,000 sq. ft - contact us for price.

  • Includes custom graphics for listing agent & property info.

  • Includes 1 branded video & 1 unbranded video.

  • Approximately 2 minutes in length.

  • Price is for up to a 3,000 sq. ft. property.  Above 3,000 sq. ft - contact us for price.

  • Includes custom graphics for listing agent & property info.

  • Includes 1 branded video & 1 unbranded video.

  • Approximately 1 minute in length.

  • Great for social media attention grabber!

  • Call Out Graphics enhances any video and brings attention to highlights of any property.

  • Call Out Graphics are designed to your specific property highlights.

  • Price is for up to a 2,500 sq. ft. property;  $25 per each additional 500 sq. ft.

  • Includes 360 scan of property interior (and exterior if appropriate).

  • Free integrated marketing tools; Live Chat, Lead Capture with custom form, Live agent guided tour & embedded HD photos or video, all built into your tour

  • Custom branding.

  • Hotspots within tour for: Call Now, E-mail & external website.

  • Geo-Tag / Google Map Integration.

  • WCAG & ADA Compliant Viewer.

  • Share via direct URL link, Social Media or embedded code.  MLS compliant.

  • Free hosting until the property sells.

  • Click here to see a sample tour...

360 logo 1.png

Real Estate Photography 

Product/Service                                                                   _______________________________  Pricing__

Real Estate Photography (25 photos)                                              $99.00

*Additional Photos (per photo)                                                                $5.00

Virtual Twilight Photo  (Per 2 Photos)                                               $25.00

Photo Slideshow Video Add-On                                                  $40.00

  • Add a beautiful slideshow to your photography package.  

  • Custom graphics added for listing agent & property info.

  • Receive 1 branded & 1 unbranded video.


DRONE  Services   

Product/Service                                                 ___________                  ______________________  Pricing__

Drone Aerial Video *Up to a 2 minute video, with all drone footage                      $250.00

Drone Aerial Video - ADD ON                                                        $65.00

 *Select clips added to any video produced by Elite Property Vidz.

(*Excludes Photo Slideshow Video.)

Drone Aerial Photo * 6 Photos                                                          $100.00

Drone Aerial Photo * 12 Photos                                                         $150.00

Professional Voice Over


We offer a professional male voice-over on any of your videos we produce.  

You provide the script.  Add on available with purchase of an video production we offer.

Product/Service                                                                  _____________ ____________________  Pricing__

Professional Voice Over                                                                $50.00


Product/Service                                                 ___________                  ______________________  Pricing__

Full Walk Through Video + 1 Min. Teaser Video  ($500 separately)   $425.00

Member Price = $340.00

2 Minute Walk-Through + 25 Photos  ($324 separately)                     $280.00

Member Price = $224.00

Full Walk-Through + 25 Photos  ($449 separately)                               $400.00

Member Price = $320.00

2 Minute Walk-Through + Drone add-on  ($290 separately)              $250.00

Member Price = $232.00

Elite Property Vidz "Members" save an additional 20% OFF!

Become an Elite Property Vidz MEMBER  =  $AVE  20%


Elite Property Vidz offers a members only pricing opportunity for those of you that wish to utilize our services more often and get the best pricing possible.  As a member, you will be given your own login and password to access our "Members Only" page, with member pricing.  You will be allowed to purchase your videos and services at member pricing.  You will be billed monthly, to retain your membership status.  Once initial membership is paid, you will be given your login and password so you can start standing out among your peers.

Membership Pricing:  Gives you a 20% SAVINGS on ALL of our services!

  • Priority Processing

  • Members only pricing access

** Example:  2 Minute Walk-Through Video = $225 ;  Member pricing is $180  : SAVE = $45

      3 videos per month saves you more than the monthly membership fee!

Product/Service                                                                    _______________________________ Pricing__

Members Only Access                                                         $99.00/month

*Reoccurring monthly charge on 1st of every month.  Can be canceled anytime.

  First month will be prorated.  No refund if canceled after monthly charge.

If you have any questions about our services or would like a custom quote, please feel free to contact us anytime.  Through our contact form below or email us at  We look forward to working with you!

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Services Coming Soon...

Photo Virtual Staging

PropertyVidz feels that virtual staging is an enormous benefit to those of you that are dealing with a vacant property.  Selling an empty room makes it difficult for the potential buyer to visualize the property's ambiance as a possible home for them.  Using a company to come in and stage the home can be a costly undertaking.  Doing it yourself can definitely be a back breaking experience.  The use of virtual staging is a very cost effective alternative.  If PropertyVidz sees a demand for this product from its clients, we will definitely bring it on board and at a much cheaper price than we are seeing online from other companies offer it.